Last updated: 07/07/21

Transport companies are traditionally high turnover low margin businesses whereby fluctuations in major cost areas can have an immediate effect on their viability and profitability. With fuel costs contributing to almost a third of our total transport costs it is imperative that Roadmaster seek to recover any movement.

Roadmaster has developed a “Fuel Levy Formula” that provides a fair and transparent calculation for the recovery of these volatile cost movements which is aligned with industry standards. The formula is based on the percentage movement of the fuel base rate multiplied by the percentage of fuel as a component of our total expenses. This means that we are only seeking to recover the actual extra cost of fuel to our business and not attempting to improve profit margins via a fuel levy.

When required the fuel levy will be adjusted up or down according to the calculation shown below and updated on this website. The change will automatically flow through to our pricing mechanism and apply from the date "last updated". Fuel prices are based on Caltex terminal gate price.

We thank you for your understanding in this matter and look forward to continuing to supply you a quality and sustainable transport service.

Fuel Base rate $0.934 Roadmaster's fuel base rate is used as the starting point for fuel levy calculations 01/03/16
Base rate less rebate at the time base rate was set $0.80 Base rate less fuel rebate at 13.36c/litre
Current cost /litre less rebate $1.149 Current fuel cost less fuel rebate of 16.90c/litre
Increase in cents from the base $0.35  
Increase as % 43.55%  
Fuel cost including delivery as % to all running costs 26.00%  
Fuel Price used at 07/07/21 $1.3180/litre  
Fuel levy from 07/07/21 11.32%  
Fuel levy up until 06/07/21 8.35%